Independent Film Parliament And The UK Industry

The Independent Film Parliament is a window into the UK film industry. Our aims are varied but central to our values and core ideals are to promote the UK film industry on the whole. From promotion through to concept realisation in a bid to supporting actors, actresses and the related industries that come from active film production in the UK.

Film making in the UK is quite healthy and overseas productions are turning to the wealth of UK film studios to seal their scenes and use locations across Britain. From inner cities and the countryside landscapes to fulfil their end of production requirements.

However The United Kingdom still has greater competition from the usual places like Hollywood in attracting film sets and crews for the development of the latest blockbuster. To be able to grow our film industry further and see long term work for associated businesses from theatrical costumers to set designers, it is vital that the UK be seen as a place to work and be creative long term.

At the Independent Film Parliament we consult members of parliament surrounding issues with regards to British film production and also people in the business and the general public, without which films and cinematic viewings would wane.

In recent years there have been successes with getting the British government to make the UK more accessible and look more enticing to film productions, producers and directors. By marketing the UK's assets it has been possible to create new films within our studios and beat overseas competition.

This success has been made more viable through tax cuts, visa restrictions being dropped and generally money set aside to aid in promoting the UK as a central part of the worldwide film industry. Both in regards to facilities, locality, services and the wealth of talent waiting to be used either behind the cameras or in front of them.

But does it really matter where films are made? Does it matter if British talent is used or not? Does anyone care if the film crew is American or set designers are Japanese? We believe it matters to those who wish to see Britain perform successfully on an international stage.

By welcoming other nation's producers and directors to develop English and foreign language films on British soil, we can hone in on the fact the UK has some of the most talented crews and creative minds in the film industry.

It can also be heralded that there are a wealth of actors and actresses both proven and yet to be unearthed, that an increase in UK film production and innovation, will not only help economically but give our population the opportunities it deserves to make its mark in world cinema.